Create your own virtual music room with Google Magenta Project

The new Google Magenta project lets you create your own virtual music room. It is powered by machine learning, with lo-fi hip-hop tracks. So, it the “Lo-Fi Player” was created by Vibert Thio.

Google magenta projectTalking about the Lo-Fi Player room setup, it features a cat and a person staring out the window watching the rain. Click here in case you want to start using the Lo-Fi Player.

Alao, one can tap on the different items around the room to customise your Lo-Fi beats.

So, there are keyboards, guitars, synthesiser and more. It lets you play around with the chords, and select the instrument you want. For changing the scene of room, just tap on the cat.

Customise the Lo-Fi Player.
Customise the Lo-Fi Player. (Google Magenta)

“We want to show that something as simple as applying MusicVAE to short melodies can produce pleasing results when done in a creative, fun context. We also tried to design the experience to demonstrate that making new music doesn’t necessarily require expertise,” Thio and Eck said in a blog post.

Also, you can access it on YouTube as well. There is a dog in there too. So, this Google Magenta project is open to developers also. The  source code is available on GitHub.

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