Google Chrome Kaleidoscope brings OTT streaming under one place

Google is up with a new feature that will make OTT content streaming easier for you. This new feature is “Chrome Kaleidoscope”. So, if you are someone who uses Chrome to stream content and that too from different platforms it is soon going to be easier.

For now, Google is testing the feature on the Canary version of Chrome, as per the Chrome Story.

Chrome Kaleidoscope Also, as per the screenshots shared by the blog, the Chrome Kaleidoscope page reads “All your shows in one place”. Moreover, there is a short description saying, “You can see all your favorite shows in one place, no matter where they’re hosted. Select the providers you use below”.

Credits: explica

The listing includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar. After selecting all the three services opens another page which says “Continue watching across all your devices”. The page shows nothing other than that message. Also, this indicates that Google Kaleidoscope will sync these platforms. So, users can continue watching on any device.

Also, the blog mentions Disney+ Hotstar which means that the feature could launch in India along with other markets.




It is currently under testing and there is no update from Google regarding when it will be on Chrome version. Also, Google tests features on its beta channels. So, users can try them out as well. More details might be out soon.

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