Tourism Ministry of Goa decides to celebrate Shigmo Festival!


Many states are celebrating their fold festivals and Goa is joining them soon. The state government in Goa has come up with a decision to go ahead with Shigmo celebrations in the state. But the celebrations this time will be to Panaji, Mapusa, and Ponda. As per reports, the parades in Panaji and Mapusa will take place on April 3 and 4. No decision is there for Ponda as of now. The Shigmo Festival starts with the Ponda parade.

As per the Tourism Minister of the state, the festival will once again begin with Ponda. Also, the start date isn’t out now.

Why is there no buzz about Goa Shigmo 2019 - The issue behind - Lokaso,  your photo friend

Shingmo, and the Carnival are the two major state festivals that attract a lot of tourists. Also, both domestic and international tourists take part in the festival. Moreover, as per the Tourism Minister, the festivals this year are to three towns due to the COVID situation. There has been appeal by the Minister for people to take precautions, and maintain social distancing. Wearing masks is a must.

Talking about Shigmo, it is a spring festival, and a major celebration in the state. The Konkan diaspora of Goa mainly celebrates it. Also, the festival has two variants, one is the Dhakto Shigmo and the other is called Vhadlo Shigmo. So, the former is mainly celebrated by farmers, and rural populace, the latter by one and all.

So, get ready to enjoy if you can visit Goa or just get happy with updates!

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