Gmail gets a new logo, envelope does not exists anymore!

Google made announcement for its rebranding of G Suite to “Workspace”. There will be new features and visual changes. Also, the Gmail is losing its envelope logo. The new logo has just ‘M’ with Google’s trademark colours.

As we all know, the current logo is an envelope with the letter ‘M’ in red colour. Now, the logo is just the letter ‘M’ with Google’s trademark colours of blue, red, yellow, and green.

The other products have also gone through logo changes and none of them look distinct now as it did before.

Google even thought losing the letter ‘M’ and removing the red colour altogether for the new Gmail logo, Fast Company reported.

So, finally the team came on a logo design that still made Gmail recognisable but was modern as well. In the new logo, red takes the most space with blue, yellow and green.

Fast Company quoted Margaret Cyphers, UX % Creative Director at Google,

“We’re not trying to move away from being Gmail. That’s critical. Where we landed, yeah, it feels different and fresh and more modern, but I can still tell it’s Gmail.”

The new update of logo will come out soon.

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