The secret place for Lac ki Chudiyan : Maniharo Ka Rasta, Jaipur


The indigenous communities, like the Manihars in Lac Ki Chudiyan have always been in many stories specially Premchand. Since then and till today, Manihars are on to their old occupation and quite unaware of this ever-evolving world. A small street market in Jaipur where you can buy handcrafted Lac bangles from local Manihar craftsman.

Maniharon Ka Rasta: The sparkling lane of Lac bangles - Jaipur Stuff

Hidden in the Tripolia Bazaar, Maniharo Ka Rasta is a narrow lane where time seems to have stood still. The colorful bangles on sale and by the local craftsman from the Manihar community. They make them from scratch, which includes extracting the resin to design by heating. Making Lac is an intricate and unsafe job but the Manihars do this traditional art by any means necessary.

The Old Bazaars of Jaipur, India | Audley Travel

Maniharo Ka Rasta has many local craftsman offering you a piece of their legacy. These ethnic jewellery items are a piece of their heritage, a dying heritage, and Maniharo Ka Rasta is a one-of-kind place. The Lac Bangles are lightweight, innocuous, and exceedingly pretty something that will make your ethnic outfit even more exotic. Not only ethnic, but you can pair then up with western outfits too. When done, check out the streets in Tripolia Bazaar, that have other traditional crafts including blacksmiths, jewellery, textiles, and more. 

Where: Modikhana, Jaipur

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