Wanna experience Japan? No need to take a flight! We bring you the authentic taste of japanese, thai, and chinese food for you..

Amongst classy interiors and spacious place with around 4 to 5 tables visible to your eye at a time, the experienced chefs are here to cook the real japanese tastes! Chef Hoshimoto, is in India since 12 years. For some traditional Japanese fare, without spices and new-fangled permutations, head over here for a good meal!

There is a private dining and the seats are placed along a sushi counter where this chef takes over.

So, there is a japanese section where you will find Omakase, which means “What the chef pleases”. 

The servings are : Smoked Eel Bone: crunchy and mildly fishy; Marinated Tuna Chunks with Yam Paste and Cucumber Batons with Wheat Miso and Wasabi Paste. Then they will serve you Sashimi: amberjack, marinated mackerel, tuna belly and octopus. They love their food with rice and it was Sushi time. The Gunkan Maki is nicely topped with sea urchin. To end your meal on a good note have the miso soup…

ADDRESS: The Westin Hotel, Level-1, MG Road, Sector 29,Gurugram

DO TRY: Tempura (vegetables or prawns); Sushi Platter; Chicken and Leek Yakitori
TIMINGS: Open from 12 noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to 11.30 pm
PRICE FOR TWO: Rs 4,000 (not for omakase) (Alcohol served; Credit cards accepted)

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