The Fusion Dal Makhani is a must try at this place in GTB Nagar!

Fusion is surely in trend whether it is clothes or food. Fusion food is something that sets it apart from the regular way. So, here we have brought you an amazing fusion food. Indus Flavour in GTB brings you regular Dal makhani but with a difference. Check out below! 

Dal makhani.
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Flaming Dal Makhani Fondue is what we have been talking about. The dish is a regualr dal makhani but infused and flamed by burning alcohol. Along with it, you get tiny garlic naan . You can dip and eat it like fondue.

Not only it tastes amazing, it looks picture worthy too. So, order and fllod your Instagam with pictures of this flaming dal.

Apart from this, they have many other must try dishes on their menu. These include, Kadak Masala Roomali, flavourful Nizami Paneer, Anarkali Tikka and more !

Indus Flavour, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi
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So, if you are visiting GTB anytime soon, stop at this place with a wholesome meal of traditional dal makhani but with a fusion. Their popular dishes include Rumali Masala Papad, Subz Jodhpuri, Kadak Roomali, Masala Popcorn, Rajasthani Dal, Karari Roti!

Where: Indus Flavour – 2510, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar
When: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Price: Rs 350

Check out their Facebook page here

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