Try out these Mountain Dew Jalebis in Bengaluru made from beans!


Known as the ‘Town of the Boiled Beans’, Bengaluru has a love relationship with hyacinth or broad beans. In Kannada language, it is avarekai or avarebele. The broad beans are an ingredient in dosa, uttapam, idli and even laddoos. Also, the green broad beans goes into Bengaluru’s famous Avarebele Jalebis. So, they are popular as Mountain Dew Jalebis because of their fluorescent green color.

Apart from ordinary ones, it features Bengaluru’s broad beans. For every 4 kg of maida, 1 kg of broad beans goes in the batter. The beans are turned into a paste, mixed with maida and let sit for fermentation for 4 to 5 hours. The syrup for jalebis is different too. The syrup includes sugar and honey.  And that makes all the difference. The Avarebele Jalebis are fried and tossed into the sugary, honey syrup. The color is fluorescent green or a pista green.

Avarebele Jalebis
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Talking about the taste, a bite onto these is crunchier than regular ones. This is because of the mixture of flour and beans. The tanginess is because of the fermentation.


These are available in winters as the beans are a seasonal ingredient. Also, this delicacy first featured at Bengaluru’s iconic Avarekai Mela or  Avarebele Mela. It happens every January to February at VV Puram Food Street.

The aroma will surely get you here at the stall! So, apart from this, you can also feast on other traditional dishes like the crispy avarekai nippattuavarekai rava laddooavarekai dosa and also avarekai barfi.

Avarebele Jalebis
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Traditional shops at VV Puram or Basavanagudi area often feature many winter bean dishes including the Avarebelu Jalebis. So, if you stay there and get a chance to try it out, then don’t miss it! They are truly delicious and crispier than the regular ones.

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