Flipkart and Meru come together to deliver essentials amid Lockdown

Flipkart and Meru

Flipkart and Meru cab service come together amid Covid-19 lockdown. They will deliver essential products and groceries to consumers.

This is a step to motivate people to stay and home and no go out. It has been started in select cities and regions including Bengaluru, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad “through the safe & sanitized supply chain.”

“The dispatch hubs have been installed with ‘Ozone Air Purifier’, encouraging all driver-partners to sanitize their cabs, thus maintaining high standards of hygiene,” adds the press statement.

Also, the cab drivers will undergo Flipkart’s training module for a better understanding of its processes.

Meru is also training the driver-partners. Like using alcohol-based sanitizers and wearing face masks to curb the spread of the virus.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart Group “Flipkart Group is committed to customers as India fights this unprecedented battle.

This partnership with Meru is a result of our teams exploring new, innovative ways to drive value for our ecosystem, of sellers, brands, partners, and customers to ensure the safe and swift availability of grocery & essential goods.

We have a very secure & safe supply chain where we follow SOPs diligently. We stand by the nation in this fight against COVID-19 as we prioritise the wellbeing and safety of all including our customers & employees.”

Meru’s CEO added “This is a unique initiative which we are undertaking with Flipkart which will benefit consumers immensely.

Meru will use its fleet to ensure the timely and safe delivery of essentials to Flipkart’s large customer base. Also, in a hassle-free manner.

This service will also offer our driver-partners an additional earning opportunity during this challenging time.”

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