Travel to nowhere, with Air India’s flights to nowhere!

Now you can go to nowhere with Air India! As per reports, the company has plans to start flights to nowhere. So, it is clear from the name that these flights will take you no where seriously. These flights will take off and land from the same airport. So, basically it is just a fun ride!

Travel to Nowhere Air indiaWith this fun ride, passengers will get scenic views of of the sights. Not only India, it is also in Australia. Th Australian air carrier, Qantas Airways came up with flights Flight to Nowhere and guess what, tickets were sold in 10 minutes. So, the Qantas Airways flight will take passengers to see the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef. It is a 7 hour flight.

For this, the Air India is going to use Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Also, to ensure safety and good views, these flights will operate at Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (MOCA).

Singapore is planning the same too. The flights will take off from the Changi Airport, and land at the same airport. The hotel stays, shopping vouchers are included in these flights night.

But all this will take some time! Till then, imagine your rides and get excited!

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