Flights will resume from Monday, Some Changes due to COVID-19

Flights will resume from monday

Since the lockdown 4.0 has made certain ease, the flights will resume from Monday. It was all restricted since March 25.

Look at what a flyer can expect from Flights and Delhi’s IGI airport Terminal 3:

Outside the terminal

  •  Passengers can check-in through kiosk
  • After web check-in, you head towards the airline-allowed entry gate. A guard will check the temperature and status on Aarogya Setu app. If they don’t have the app, you will have to fill out a self-declaration form.

On Entering the airport

  •  A security person will check the boarding passes and identity cards.
  • After that The passenger then heads to the terminal and goes through a thermal scanner.
  • Also, Carpets are cleaned in sanitizing chemicals. This is done to ensure shoes remain disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizers will be at gates.

Baggage Scanning

  • Also, the luggage in a sanitizing machine. The ultraviolet radiation will sanitize them.


  •  After that you check-in counters where they can opt for self baggage check-in.
  • Baggage tags will no longer be issued, and passengers will get an SMS to confirm luggage check-in.

For Security check

  • The passengers move to the security hold area. But only with ‘handbag’. Here, the contactless screening will be conducted using metal detectors. Also, security personnel will scan the boarding pass before allowing passengers to the boarding area.

At waiting area

  • Shops in non-aero areas will adhere to stringent safety and hygiene rules. Also, F&B retail shops will be open and orders can be placed on apps or kiosks.
  •  Passengers will sit at alternate seats, with more seating space added.
  •  On buses for boarding, only alternate seats will be in use.

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