Ratan Tata is one of the most renowned Industrialist of India . Ratan Tata is chairman of Tata Group .He is the recipient of two of the highest civilian awards of India, the Padma Vibhushan(2008) and Padma Bhushan(2000). He is well known for his business ethics and philanthropy.

We found out 5 most expensive things owned by Ratan Tata .

Here Is the list :

  1. Dassault Falcon Private jet

Ratan Tata has Dassault Falcon Private jet which costs around $30 million . The rich industrialist holds a pilot license.

2. Tata Residence

Ratan Tata owns sea facing Bungalow with carpet vicinity of about 14000 sqft . which costs about 150 crore and likes to live a very down to earth life .

3. Jaguar XF-R

We all know how Ratan Tata acquired Jaguar Company. He owns Jaguar XF-R which costs around $40000.

4. Maserati Quattroporte

His garage holds Italian automobile company Maserati’s Quattroporte . It is priced around $100000

5. Ferrari California

With very few people in world owning the California edition of Ferrari , Ratan Tata is no back and owns one costing around Rs.1.5 crore

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