Find My Network on iOS 15 will help locate phone even if turned off


The iOS 15 by Apple will locate the iPhone through Find My Network even if they are off. The new feature came by Apple during its annual developer conference WWDC 2021 on Monday night. Also, the users will be able to share their live location with friends and families after turning off the device. Moreover, the location tracking will keep working even if the phone is reset to factory settings with Activation Lock enabled.

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Credits: Apple

All this will happen with the software update which will not turn off the device completely. Instead, it will put it in a low-power state wherein your iPhone will work as an AirTag. This will allow any nearby iOS device to pick up the Bluetooth signal and send back its location.

The tech giant explained after the event said,

“Find My introduces new capabilities to help locate a device that has been turned off or erased, as well as live-streaming locations for family and friends who choose to share their location,”

Also, the Find My Network also supports AirPods Pro and AirPods Max now.

The tech giant explains in a statement following the launch,

“Separation Alerts notify a user if they leave an AirTag, Apple device, or Find My network accessory behind in an unfamiliar location, and the Find My network now supports AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. A new Find My widget offers an at-a-glance view directly from the Home Screen.”

It is great when the phone is in risk of theft! While the iOS 15 will not completely turn off your iPhones, you will have the option to change that through Settings by disabling the low-power Find My mode completely.

The beta version of iOS 15 is now available for download. But, the public roll-out will take place later this year.

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