FDCI announces India’s First Online Fashion Week

India is going to have its first-ever digital fashion week. Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) are going digital. They said on Sunday.

The FDCI made it official on their Instagram account.


The post that just had the FDCI logo, had the caption, “Announcement | The FDCI is reinventing the wheels and the reset button has been pressed. FDCI goes digital! Stay tuned for India’s first-ever digital fashion week. #FDCI #FDCIGoesDigital.”

After that, the other two posts also said that India will have its first-ever digital fashion week soon. No other detail was given. All posts captioned ‘Stay tuned,’.

Also, FDCI’s Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week was to take place in Delhi. It was from May 11 to May 15. But it did not took place due to the virus outbreak.

The fashion industry across the globe is going digital due to the outbreak. Most of the events are not taking place or getting shifted to next dates. The Met Gala and other fashion weeks also did not took place. Now, designers are trying to find ways to go digital and give their audience something.

Also, the London, Paris and Milan Men’s Fashion Week made the announcement recently that they will host the events online.

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