Fat Cat Bistro serves amazing local dishes from across the globe!

Located in the heart of South Delhi, the Fat Cat Bistro is a delivery outlet  with the concept of delivering gourmet dishes using only fresh ingredients. They are made by a  team of chefs with a great experience and operation team. Also, the brand brings a unique menu that you will find it in a gourmet restaurant only. 

Fat Cat Bistro, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

They serve local regional dishes from across the globe. These include Brazil, Spain, Mexico and more. Also, what makes it unique is how it became a 100% plastic-free food packaging brand. The packaging has been madefrom scratch. Also, it has a menu designed by their talented Executive Chef.

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Founder and CEO, Ashwin Nair, says

Fat Cat is the personification of a quintessential cat personality- lazy, hungry and loveable. As a quirky gourmet food delivery brand, we love bringing in the regional cuisines of the world with a menu thoughtfully curated by our passionate team. Very soon, we will be bringing the love of Fat Cat to other areas of NCR as well. Our core value has always been to become a sustainable brand.

Their three core pillars are- economic, environmental and social.

They want the customers to be a part of what they call ‘Cat Family.’ So, go and place your order and do not forget to apply the discount code.

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Contact: 011 41523232/33
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