Keep your Fashion game up even in Lockdown

fashion in lockdown

Lockdown has not only affected our work and routine but also our fashion. All we do is pick the t-shirt kept on top and wear it with anything. This is a great energy saver. But, it is all in our hands. Don’t let the lockdown kill the fashionista in you. Read below to get ideas an motivation to get back in fashion mode.

work clothes at home

We all are working from home nowadays. So, your company gave you a reason to get ready. Pull your best outfit and get ready. At least you will ditch those pajamas for a few hours.

Style out the lockdown: what to wear while working from home ...


Fiddle with your closet

Most of us have not seen our closets nicely for so long. There might be some hidden clothes down in the pile. Sit and pull them out. Mix and Match the outfits and accessories them too. Thus, Just be your own personal stylist.

Follow your fashion icons 

Social media has everything. Every time you scroll Instagram, a new Blogger comes up with a new fashion post. Check the bloggers out, find your style, and recreate the look.

Add to cart

4 Things about “Add to the shopping cart”

Now that everything has been eased, make everyday ‘Add to Cart’ day. Add in stuff and get them at your doorstep. Your shopping craving #satisfied. 

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