Farah Khan Ali tested negative for Coronavirus


The whole world is suffering from a problem which has no medication and vaccine till now. We can only be preventive as cure is difficult. Recently,Farah Khan Ali tested negative for coronavirus. She revealed in her latest Twitter post. She and her family went for test on April 14th when one of the in house staff was tested positive for the same.

Even after the Jewellery designer has been tested negative she will be in current time till April 29. She posted “ALL NEGATIVE. Yay yay yay . #covidtesting,”

Another tweet she said how much her children and family were relieved and she added it was the best feeling ever.

She tweeted “You know what was the best feeling more than testing negative for Covid? It was the relieved faces of my children and in-house staff who live with me since more than 10 years. That was priceless. Happiness is contagious,”.

Keeping yourself and your close one’s safe is the biggest wealth. And specially at this point.

Farah Khan Ali tested negative for coronavirus, asked her fans to be safe and stay at home at home. On 14th April she tweeted that the staff member who has been tested positive was shifted to Quarantine ward and raised the BMC for handling this situation nicely.

At this pandemic situation, we all stand at the same position. The human race needs to support each other at this point. Self isolation, hygiene and staying at home is the only solution.

To sum this up, no one is alone in it. It spread unknowingly and quickly. Take measures and stay safe.

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