Travellers from these countries are allowed to enter Estonia




As many countries are opening up tourism, the Northern European country of Estonia is also on the list. So, this beautiful place has been under lockdown like the rest of Europe. Travelling to Estonia is set to become a possibility for citizens from 16 Schengen Zone countries. But, travellers to Estonia will have to be under quarantine on arrival. Also, the rule has already been in place since June 1.

So, the countries listed by Estonia are as follows –

  •  Austria,
  • Czech Republic,
  •  France,
  •  Hungary,
  • Finland
  • Lithuania,
  • Norway,
  • Slovenia,
  •  Latvia,
  • Switzerland,
  •  Slovakia,
  • Iceland,
  • Greece,
  • Germany,
  •  Liechtenstein,
  • Poland.

Also, the 14-day quarantine is not for citizens from these countries.


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But travellers from the countries below will need to go through quarantine:

  •  Sweden,
  • The United Kingdom,
  •  Belgium,
  •  Ireland,
  •  Luxembourg,
  • Spain,
  • Denmark,
  • Netherlands
  • Italy,
  • Portugal, and
  • Malta

Even if they have a health certificate and have tested negative, travellers coming in from these countries will need to go through quarantine. Also, the police will be monitoring the whole thing.

Also, entry from Russia and Ukraine is banned until June 15. But, those places that have a 25 infection rate per 100000 people or less have permission.

Currently, Estonia now has a total of 1880 cases. Also, Total deaths stand at 69. It is on travellers to remain socially distant and be safe. Also, Estonia permission is given to travellers to travel to ten destinations. This is from Tallinn Airport. So, these include Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Riga, Copenhagen, Vienna, Vilnius, Paris, Oslo, and Helsinki.


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