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The pandemic has made us focus more on our health. What we eat is the most important thing which determines our health in the coming years. It’s a myth that healthy things does not taste good. So, eating healthy should cost the taste. To indulge in some health and taste, here is a delightful home kitchen offering handcrafted granola bars and oatmeal cookies. DoughKnots & BaeGels is a luxury joint making luxurious delectables from around the world, but keeping health in mind.

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So, the menu here includes everything from handmade breads, tea cakes, doughnuts, bagels, cookies and more. Everything is made keeping health the priority. They bake the products with finest ingredients. Also, decorate them with flax seeds, millets, super seeds, fresh honey and other infusions. Each bread has a whole wheat, super seeds, or multi grain option while cakes come with vegan options. Moreover, their oatmeal cookies, and granola, with nuts and jaggery are a perfect blend of nutrition and epicure.     

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Apart from delicious snacks, DoughKnots and BaeGels also delivers dips, sauces, crackers, and glazed doughnuts for cheat day bites. You can order them for your kitchen inventory or customise a gift box, featuring Granola, Chocolate truffles, Energy bliss bites. Also, French chocolate cookies, Oatmeal berrylicious Breakfast Cookies, and Knäckebröd swedish crackers.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders and enjoy guilt free!

Contact: +91-9910910059 

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