Enjoy Aerial views of Delhi on a joy ride with ‘HeliYatra’!

Travelling isn’t safe for many of us longer journeys are sight apart! But, what if you get to know there is a joyride around the city on your private helipad? Check out below!

Take A Joy Ride On A Helicopter Around Delhi, Get Flower Showers For  Proposals With Heli Yatra! | WhatsHot Delhi NCR

So, Delhiites can now do that! There is a Noida-based company called ‘HeliYatra’ which is offering one-day trips to different destinations. And also, helicopter rides within the city. So, breathtaking tours and fun activities are not far away!

For within the city rides, you can go for Delhi Joy Rides packakge. They take you for a 6000 ft high experience and you get an eagle’s eye view of the Akshardham Temple, Red Fort, Rajghat, Connaught Place and various heritage sites.

These helicopters have beautifully done modern cabins and has all safety features. Also, throughout the Delhi helicopter joy ride, their pilot offers his/her expert commentary on all the famous spots. Morever, they do flower showers, grand proposals, aerial shoots and much more.

Heli Yatra Pvt Ltd - Helicopter Tours in Noida, Delhi - Justdial

So, the HeliYatra also provides packages in other parts of the country. The Kedarnath Yatra, is one of the quickest and convenient ways to embark on a spiritual journey to Kedarnath. 

Also, they also have Chardham Yatra, Badrinath and Do Dham Yatras included in their package deals, which start at Rs 75,000, and where 5 to 6 passengers can travel at a time.

Book your HeliYatra ride here!

OG Pic Credits: Instagram/ Sohaib Ilyas

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