Kanpur offers drive-in restaurant for people to eat outside with safety!

We have to follow sanitising and social distancing wherever we go now. But as everything is opening our craving for outide food is rising too. So, a great idea has been put forward by a hospitality group in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. Drive & Dine is a drive-in picnic concept, where people can enjoy restaurant experience while following norms.

Drive-in restaurant

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Recently, a hospitality group in Kanpur made changes to two of its banquet lawns into a drive-in restaurant. People can park their cars, order food and enjoy dining. Also, people can choose to either sit in car or on tables.

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So, the people behind this idea are Yash Malhotra and Insha Malhotra. Insha said, “We noticed the one thing people weren’t afraid of was going for drives. Being in their own space made people comfortable. And this is how the idea sparked.”

Drive-in Also, Drive & Dine is in a lovely lawn in the city’s Cantonment region. On entering, a kiosk will check your temperature. Also, it will sanitise the bonnet of the cars and provide you with a token number. Each car will also get a slot.

If you want to enjoy in the greenery, the organisers will make your seating beside your car. Coming to food delivery, the food will arrive in a golf cart. This is to maintain a proper social distancing.

Finally jumping to the most interesting part, The menu. Choose from their amazing delicacies like pasta, pizzas, kathi rolls, and more!

Do not worry about the safety as they sanitise the place with electrostatic gun. Also, they will provide cases to place your masks.

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