This Delhi Bakery delivers fresh dough of cookies at your doorstep!

If there is something that can light up your mood that it is Cookies! A big box of Cookies are pure happiness. Now, make Fresh cookies made at home! So, there is a bakery in Delhi naming ‘Bordough‘ that delivers delicious cookie dough to your doorstep.

bordough bakery whats hot delhi

The bakery prepares cookie dough in small batches. It delivers the frozen dough in appropriate portions. Also, the amazing thing is that the dough can be stored in the freezer for months! Moreover, the packaging and shipping services of Bordough is pretty good too. They use dry ice to deliver your dough.

bordough bakery whats hot delhi

So, coming to the most favourite part, the Flavours. These include Dark Belgian & Sea Salt and Chocolate Chunk & Walnut. Also, there are gluten free options in the same flavours. The prices start from Rs 500 per box and can go up to Rs 1,200 per box

If you want to relish some delicious divine cookies, order the dough from this place. They take all measure to make it reach you with care so that it doesn’t spoil.

Now bake delicious cookies and eat them fresh from the oven!

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