DIY Skincare Masks To Pamper Your Skin In Quarantine

We all are missing those relaxing sessions and skin care at the salons. But why to wait for salons to get open when you can do all by yourself! DIY..

Yes, with just few ingrediants, you can make your skin happy in just a few minutes.

The lockdown time is the best to make pamper youself to utmost. Eat clean, hydrate youself and workout. As we are not travelling so no point of getting dirt in your clean.Cleanse, scrub and mosturize your skin with all love and time.

So, here are some masks that are purely natural and can be easily made at home.

Diy skincare masks

Besan, Turmeric and Curd mask

We all have seen our moms and grandmoms apply this home made yellow mask on skin many times. All you have to do is mix besan with a pinch of haldi, a little curd, rose water and few drops of milk.

Apply it on your face and rub it for few minutes. Let it dry.

This will improve your complexion, reduce facial hairs, removes black spots and mosturize your skin. You can also add honey to it.

Coffee and Honey mask

Coffee lovers find various ways to make different types of coffee. Apart from drinking, it has a lot of skin benefits.

Mix a bit of coffee with a tablespoon of honey and apply it for 10 minutes. This mask will reduce puffiness, removes acne scars and hydrates your skin.

Aloevera, Honey and Curd

Most skincare products have some percent of Aloevera in it. It has great benefits for skin. For the mask, take two spoons of aloevera gel with a tablespoon of curd and honey. Mix will and apply for 15 mins.

This will brighten up your skin as it boosts collagen production, improves texture, cools your skin and hydrates immensely.

Try these out and make your skin glow without salons!

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