Bake delicious cakes and more from DIY baking kits from here!

If baking is your hobby, then this is for you. Mehak Bindal came up with an idea of Pink Banana Patisserie. The concept is to make the idea of making baking a new hobby while working from home. This led to the creation of DIY baking kits.

The DIY kits from Pink Banana Patisserie offer the perfect taste and a whole new experience of baking.  All you have to do is unbox the kit and start baking!

DIY Hot Chocolate Kit

DIY baking kits whats hot delhi

It is a bestseller at Pink Banana Patisserie and a must try! You will love the Chocolate Popsicles they come along with the hot chocolate mix. A simple 3-step process will make 5 mugs of the most luscious hot chocolate ever!

Prep Time: 2 to 3 minutes

DIY Brownie baking Kit

DIY baking kits whats hot delhi

This is the most recommended product! The DIY Brownie Kit stands to the concept of ‘do-it-yourself’. It comes with a Paper Baking Tray which is made in Italy. The chocolate chunks provided with their brownie mix makes sure a perfect taste for brownie lovers. It is a 5-step procedure resulting in professional brownies. It will have a thin layer of cracked chocolate coating. The half kg gooey brownie cake can then be cut into 12-16 pieces that will satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Prep Time: 25-30 minutes

DIY Chocolate Lava Cupcake

DIY baking kits whats hot delhi

A hot molten chocolate lava flowing out from the core of a cupcake is all you need in winters. Also, their DIY kit makes sure that professional baking can be done at home. So, the kit comes with six cupcake liners. The glaze mix gives the cupcakes a mirror finish.

Prep Time: 20-25 minutes

So, apart from above, they have a DIY Chocolate Chunk Mug Cake Kit. This will help you prepare delicious mug chocolate cake in just a minute!

All you need to add is eggs, milk and oil to the kits provided by Pink Banana Patisserie.

For Orders, you could either DM on their Instagram handle or WhatsApp on 9899394287.

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