Dine in with Corona Warriors at Woodbox Cafe, Satyaniketan

Everyday there is some or the other bad news this year. Also, the corona cases have been rsising rapidly. Our warriors Policemen, doctors, nurses, pilots, garbage collectors, delivery personnel and other essential workers wear masks and PPE’s to protect us and our loved ones. So, as a token of tribute, WoodBox cafe lets you dine with such corona warriors. It is available in their Satyaniketan Branch.

To honour them for their great work, the cafe has placed cut-outs of them on alternate tables. So, come and dine in with your favourite superhero!

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Now grab an opportunity to have a meal that satisfies your bellies and hearts too! Here you will see Cut-outs of neighbourhood corona warriors which include policemen, doctors and deliverymen. They are placed on alternate tables, ensuring social distancing.

How it began!

So, earlier the cafe asked people on its social media for suggestions of heroes who have made a difference in the pandemic. Implementing the suggestions, the made cut outs of these people. The people who made change include, Air India Co-Pilot Rohit Suri, Delhi Constable Rajath Rathore, Dr Shilpa and delivery boys.

wood box cafe
Picture credits: Curlytales.com
wood box cafe
Picture credits: Curlytales.com

How can we forget Chef Vikas Khanna and Sonu Sood? Who helped and fed millions of people through his food drives. This seems to be a perfect way to honour them.

Currently, the Woodbox cafe is operating at 50% capacity, following the social distancing. Also, it has alternate tables with cut-outs of warriors. So, Have some amazing platters and beverages sitting among the corona warraiors who have helped millions selflessly.

Also, these are in their Satyaniketan Branch. It may soon open their branches in Indirapuram and Kalkaji. And for this, they will need more opinions and suggestions too.  

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