Dhuandhar Falls creates a beautiful illusion of smoke!

Madhya pradesh is famous for alot of places from Sanchi Stupa to Kanha National park and more. But it has a spot which might not be known to all. The Dhuandhar falls has beautiful landscape and amazing views!

The Dhuandhar Falls

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Located about 30 km away from the city of Jabalpur. The falls are at the Bhedaghat, near the river Narmada. The falls come from a height of 30 m and are still charming and beautiful.

Talking about the name, the falls has its origin from Hindi words, dhuaan meaning smoke and dhaar meaning flow. The falls seem to emit smoke. And all this is just an illusion. The sound of water and smoke make everything so supernatural.

Cable Car

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A cable car across the Dhuandhar falls is seriously amazing. So, if you visit here, this ropeway is a must try. This gives a wide and all around view of the beautiful falls.

Around the city

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So, if you want to look around into to Jabalpur city, there are a number of places. So, you can roam around in Madan Mahal Fort. Talking about the fort, this was built in the 11th century. Apart from this, visit the Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat.

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