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If everything goes dull this lockdown, then Food is the only thing that lifts you up! The freshly baked pizza, late-night ice cream order and piping hot rajma chawal from our favourite eateries, is all we need. So Delhiites, checkout these delivery-only food outlets to give you restaurant feels at home!

Hearth & I

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Feed your soul with luxurious 7-course meal prepared with consciously grown, organic ingredients from Hearth & I. The place serves a broad menu of global cuisines including Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern food. Also, they specialize in customised DIY Kits that comprises of Mexican Tostada Kits, Fresh Pasta variation kits and Mexican Quesadilla kits.

Pracheen – India Before 1947

Pracheen-India Before 1947 will take you to a pre-independent India. This place offers the flavours of India before independence and put them on a plate. From a succulent Chapli Kabab, spicy Prawn Moilee, wholesome Kosha Mangsho to the Goan favourite, Chicken Cafreal, Pracheen serves authentic flavours and regional dishes that will leave you asking for more. 

delivery restaurants in delhi
Picture Credits: Pracheen – India Before 1947

Hello Panda

Hello Panda, Get 250 Eazypoints On Your Delivery Order, Bestech Square  Mall, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

If noodle are your comfort food, then Hello Panda is surely for you. They offer delicious soup bowls, hearty dim sums and wholesome curries. They have a great menu of Asian delicacies like Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry, Stir-Fried Udon Noodles, Larb Gai salad and Mapo Tofu Claypot curry. Open Bao, Maki Rolls and Nilgiri Sushi act like the perfect bites for a drab weekday evening.

Fresh Menu

Fresh Menu has food for all moods. From aromatic biryani, buttery chicken curry, cheesy pasta, smoky wood-fired pizza and a variety of delicious cakes. So, download the app and browse through a variety of regional and global dishes that will satisfy all your cravings.

delivery restaurants in delhi
Picture Credits: Fresh Menu

So, let the soul and eyes feel happy and get the delivery of all good food on plate!

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