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The virus has limited our lives to indoors. The anxiety that follows from staying indoors has forced us to make a change in our lifestyle, including our diets. Healthy eating and fitness is the top priority nowadays. So, keeping your priorities in check, we have a food hub in Safdarjung that will let you keep eating good with healthy bowls, smoothie bowls, and other superfoods. This is the Dirty Good which is an experimental kitchen and bar that creates wholesome and healthy food with locally sourced ingredients.

DIRTY GOOD Menu, Menu for DIRTY GOOD, Safdarjung, New Delhi
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So, the kitchen at Dirty Good is run by some of the most talented chefs in the country. They are masters at whipping up tasty and nutritious food. Their kitchen experiments have led to the creation of amazing smoothie bowls, cold brews, and cookies that are filled with the goodness of nutrients. Dishes like Into The Wild, which is a smoothie bowl with fresh fruits and baked vegan granola, have high-fibre and high-nutrient ingredients. Also, these smoothie bowls come in variants such as Beachside Bum, Warrior, and Just Berry. Moreover, they have organic ingredients like acai berries, avocados, and cocoa. 

Dirty Good, Arjun Nagar, New Delhi - magicpin

Talking about the desserts like chocolate cookies and banana bread, they have many healthy ingredients. Enjoy cheat meals guilt free! Apart from all these, they offer cold brews, baked dainties, and granolas too!

So, enhance your diet and order from Dirty Good by clicking here

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