Delhi Metro set to resume after lockdown, Lays down new rules

Delhi Metro

After flights, now its time for Metro Services to resume. According to Hindustan Times’ Hindi language publication, the services were on halt for two months.

The services will begin with all precautions and safety measures. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials said that the passengers will have to follow social distancing norms. Also, maintain a distance of one metre while travelling in the metro. Alternate sitting will be followed. The DMRC has pasted stickers on the seat with a message of social distancing.

All this will be under surveillance by metro officials through CCTV cameras, Hindustan reported.

According to new guidelines, only 50 passengers in a metro coach will be allowed. Also, The DMRC runs metro trains with four, six and eight coaches on various routes. After the new guidelines, the eight coach train will have 400 passengers in atrip.

Before the lockdown,  2,500 passengers used to travel in DMRC’s longest train.

Also, some passengers will be permitted to stand in coaches, Hindustan reported quoting DMRC officials.

The DMRC has 300 trains. The trains conduct 5,000 rounds on various lines (blue, red, yellow, violet etc).

Also, The DMRC officials told Hindustan that after services resume, they will suffer 75 per cent operating loss. During the lockown, DMRC had suffered a loss of Rs 600 crores. Now, with a reduced number of passengers, it will operate in more loss.

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