Delhi Hotels and Restaurant to serve liquor, Bars still remain shut!

Delhi government permits hotels and restaurants to serve liquor. This move will give a boost the food sector that is suffering losses. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia directed excise officials to establish necessary permission. The aim is to provide liquor at restaurants as part of dine-in services and in hotel rooms.

Highway liquor ban: Hotels in Delhi-NCR to begin serving liqour ...

Bars To remain Shut

Bars in the capital will remain shut now too. License has been given only to hotels and restaurants. Bars and pubs, however, are still cannot operate anywhere in the country. This is as per the latest “Unlock 3” guidelines applicable till August.

Delhi Hotels,Restaurants Allowed To Serve Liquor;Bars Stay Closed
Credits: Dailyaddaa
Revival of The Service Sector

The service sector is an important part of the state’s economy and offers a job to a majority of the people. Hotels contribute to around 8% of the State’s GDP and employment. Also, the weekly bazaars employ 5 lakh, poor families. Under Unlock 3, only hotels, gymnasiums and weekly markets are to open. Businesses in Delhi continued to suffer from no permit from the Governor.

As the cases have reduced, delinking of hotels and hospitals have been done. Also, the hotel Association of India, which represents 300 hotels across categories, welcomed the move. 

Those unaware, the hotels and tourism accodamtion will open soon in Delhi. Read here. 


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