Delhi Corona App helps you track hospital beds and ventilators

Delhi corona app
Delhi corona app


On Tuesday, Delhi government launched the Delhi Corona app. The app gives users information on the availability of ventilators, beds, in hospitals etc.

Currently, the app has been made available to Android users and is available on Play Store.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal spoke on a live stream,

“We are launching an app today which will give everyone the status of hospital beds and ventilator availability in Delhi,”.

Also, he said that people complain about there being a shortage of beds when there 4100 beds are still vacant. Out of total 302 ventilators in Delhi, 210 are still vacant, he said.

The app will give relevant information about the availability of beds in private and government hospitals.

Also, the app shows the total number of beds that are occupied is vacant for COVID patients. It supports Hindi and English languages.

Mobile App For Delhi Residents To Find Information


Also, services such as ration, e-pass, and hunger/shelter relief centres can be accessed through the app.

Information on containment zones, health services, government orders have also been made accessible on the app.

Not only this, but the app also has a bot. It lists out questions to determine if one has COVID-19.

Delhi Corona app also gives information about coronavirus with the latest stats.

The app will be updated everyday twice at 10 AM and 6 PM.

Kejriwal said citizens can get information from website. They can also dial 0131 helpline number wherein details will be provided to them via an SMS, and the WhatsApp number 8800007722.

Kejriwal assured the citizens of Delhi saying that there was no need to worry and that the Delhi government was four steps ahead and had taken precautions.

Delhi has over 20,000 confirmed cases and 11, 565 active cases. “Cases are increasing in Delhi but we have made arrangements for hospitals, ventilators and ICUs,” Kejriwal said.

For now, the app shows the availability of 3912 vacant beds and 210 available ventilators. Also, Kejriwal has given emphasis to home quarantine as well.

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