‘Dekho Apna Desh’ Webinar, A Virtual Tour By Tourism Ministry

Dekho apna desh

Due to the lockdown, the tourism industry has been affected badly in India. The Tourism Ministry of India came up with idea of Virtual travel. It has come up with a webinar that offers virtual travel to travellers. The webinar is titled ‘Dekho Apna Desh’. It will provide an in-depth knowledge of Indian destinations and heritage.

The January 2020 webinar was titled, ‘Dekho Mera Desh’. This one is quite similar to that.

The first webinar for ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ was named City of Cities—Delhi’s Personal Diary. And, It went live on April 14. Various tour operators are giving presentations. These are across various destinations in the country.

It was by India City Walks, and had 5546 registered viewers.

Also, the second was ‘The city of Joy, Kolkata.’ The new one is based on Varanasi and is by the tour company Photowalking Varanasi. It shows the old city and its attractions.

It is available on YouTube . The webinars are being hosted by Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Rupinder Brar.

Each webinar brings the authentic flavour of the city. It is an incredible experience for those sitting at home. Also, dreaming of exploring the great wide land of India.

So amazing to see travel from Kolkata to Leh while sitting at home!

It not only helps viewers to see everything from home. But also, Tour companies to stay active amid lockdown. Check the Incredible India Page on Instagram.

Incredible India on YouTube has many videos to offer. Also, You can check their channel and feel travelling this lockdown. Not only India, many countries are offering Virtual Tours of their attractions. For instance, Great Wall of China, San Diego Zoo, Buckingham Palace and more.

To conclude, travel shoould never stop. Be it Virtual or Real. 


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