If you are going to Dehradun from Delhi anytime soon, check this out!

We know its the best time to visit hills and Uttarakhand has come up with many offers. But now if you have any plans to visit Dehradun check out this update. Uttarakhand has made it mandatory for people travelling from Delhi to the state to undergo a COVID-19 test. It will be at the Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun.

As per reports, Dehradun Health Department has made decision to conduct mandatory tests of people coming from Delhi. Also, the tests will take place at the airport and railway station, apart from the Asharodi check post in Dehradun.

In a random sampling round of almost 1000 people that in the past week, as many as 29 people tested positive at the Doon border. Also, reports state that those infected with the virus, 25 were from Delhi-NCR.

Also, in the wake of tourist season expectation are that more tourists will be thronging the region, Uttarakhand administration has started precautionary measures beforehand.

Dr RK Dixit, District Surveillance Officer, Dehradun, said that it has been found there has been extensive movement of people from Delhi to Uttarakhand. It is especially to Dehradun, in the past fortnight. Adding, people from the capital are coming here mainly for weddings and short vacations. It is important to test them before they move to the hills or other tourist places.

According to Health Department officials, testing at the border is free of charge for now. It might cost in the coming days.

Also, Nainital is considering COVID testing at its border. The final decision will be by the district administration.

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