Crores to local tech companies is being offered by India for Zoom!?


With the the security issues in Zoom, governments across the world are trying to avoid it. It may lead lead to leakage of confidential information. India is soon offering crores to local tech companies for Zoom clone.

Talking about the scenario in India, the government has not banned the app officially till now. The government has launched a program for the technological companies to come up with an encrypted video conferencing solution.

Government has given companies April 30 as the deadline for registering.Getting through the three phases of the program, one company or team will get Rs.1 crore for the app development.

News 18 reported that the government has asked all its ministers to use the app developed by National Informatics centre (NIC).
The app has 1800 Studios across the country to facilitate video call.

The government may be able to save a lot of money by the development of the app. The cost will be lower as compared to Zoom. Zoom charges $ 1999 from an enterprise for a month plan that supports 100 hosts.

This offering of crores to local tech companies will help built a more secure app. Also, much money will be saved.

In this time of pandemic, even the courts have switched to video conferencing on Zoom. Country’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh was used zoom for an internal meeting.

The government is planning to provide an application that will be available across devices rather than studio meeting rooms. This initiative will provide a more safe platform for meetings.

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