Indore has its first contactless pani puri vending machine!

Where there is a necessity there is a creation. This is true in the case of Pandemic. There have been many innovations in food items and many other sectors. Here is another innovation in Indore. Indore has a pani puri vending machine that reduces the contact between the vendor and the customer. This machine automatically dispenses flavored water, the khatta and meetha paani. 

Bengaluru: Pani puri dispensing machine for every street food lover |  Bengaluru News - Times of India
Credits: timesofindia

For all those who were not having golgappas because of risk can now satiate their cravings. It is contactless and hygienic. Also, it gives you an ease to have extra ‘pani’ and ‘sukhi papdi’. Not only this, the vending machine also offers sev puri and dahi puri. Isn’t it amazing? The machine is at Nagar Nigam Market, Greater Kailash Road near Saket Square. 

pani puri

However, the back to normal is slow in process and we are accepting the new normal. The pandemic has severely affected the lives of street vendors. But with such innovations, we have a solution to our gol gappas or pani puri back on our menu. 

The pani puri vending machine is a hit. Also, it has received many happy responses too. So, go and savor the delicious puris!

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