The Confluence of Zanskar and Indus is truly a beautiful view!

Everyone of us has a wish to go to Ladakh for once. It will never fail to capture your heart with its beauty and scenic landscapes.Its lofty snow-capped mountains, rugged terrains and deep valleys, it is love at first sight! While everything is worth seeing but the confluence of river Zanskar and Indus gets all the attention!

Merger of two rivers

Confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers in Leh | Confluence of ...


The Indus river is tinted green color and originates in the Tibetan Plateau near the Manasarovar range. On the other hand, shiny blue Zanskar sources from the Zanskar valley. So, the confluence of this is near the scenic Nimmu valley falling between Leh and Kargil. You can cleary see the two rivers because of their different colors. The best time to see is in the spring-summer months, from March to May.

The Chadar Trek, Frozen river trek

Confluence of Zanskar and Indus
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In winters, the Zanskar freezes completely freezes, and the Chadar trek is famous among the backpackers. Also, some adventurous water activities like river rafting happens along the rivers. The confluence of the rivers is known as Sangam in the Leh region. As per locals, the confluence keeps changing its colours according to the position of the sun. The high Himalayas and the beautiful; blue sky add more beauty to the confluence.

This beautiful sight is worth watching and will give you a lifetime experience!

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