The fusion Chocolate Samosa Pav is a pure dip in choco heaven!

What if chocolate comes with something salty and spicy? Fusions are in trend so here is another one for you all! Chocolate Samosa Pav! To name a few combinations, there are Meethi Maggi to Idli dunked in Chai and the latest Ice Cream Vada Pav.

So, Jugaadi Adda, is an eatery famous for its fusion vada pav across India. Check it out!

Chocolate Samosa Pav

So, this is not a typical samosa with aloo filling. The samosas have a filling of chocolate which melts in your mouth. A reel video going viral on Instagram, by food blogger @foodie_on_enfield. Jugaadi Adda, a fusion vada pav eatery with franchises in Surat, Mumbai and Bangalore invented the Chocolate Samosa Pav.

In the kitchen staffs are spreading chocolate sauce on pav and samosa as filling instead of a vada. Also, it is topped with white cream and more chocolate syrup. This costs ₹40. As per the eatery, the crunchy samosas are filled with chocolate fudge. A divine bath in chocolate!

chocolate samosa pav

So, this is a perfect sweet after a spicy main course. Also, the dish has mixed reviews online. This might be a delicious for someone and weird for others.

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