China Fare, Khan Market shuts down! But the staff has a hint for us!

China Fare, Khan Market has been serving its customers since 30 long years. So, it was actually a sad day when the restaurant had to permanently shut down. People used to savour their Noodles, Manchow Soup, Chilli Chicken, Chilli Garlic Noodles, Chilli Paneer, Lemonade, Fried Rice Chicken and more!

China Fare, Khan Market, New Delhi
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Mr Vivian Lamington has been the manager since the start of the restaurant. He has managed it pretty well till now. He told about the journey of the place and what we can expect in future!

For regular visitors, it was more of a personal loss. China fare is surely going to be missed. It had pretty old-school lanterns, nice chairs and dim lights.

China Fare, Khan Market, Delhi NCR- EazyDiner
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As per the manager, the has shut down but the staff remains united. This leaves us with a hint for sure! There might be something in future. All the details are not out yet. But the same tasty food will be avaialable again! More likely, it is going to be a delivery-only service. Also, it might be popular again as something else. But the flavours will be surely intact! So, the chefs and staff are going to remain same!

So, as soon as we get any information , we will give you all an update for sure!

Information Coutesy: Whatshot

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