Chhupe Rustam, a new talent hunting app by Prakash Jha & Team

Prakash Jha, renowned director and producer has come up with a new talent finding app ‘Chhupe Rustam’. The simple video sharing platform announced its launch today.


Chhupe Rustam on the App Store

The idea came up to find talent and a platform accessible to all. Many people have dreams to come in Bollywood. With such a big population, it becomes difficult.

Small screen competitions and long queues outside casting agencies have helped many to achieve their dreams.

On contrary, reality shows, competitions and auditions have aided only a small piece out of the many. There are an uncountable number who still wait for recognition and time.

Chhupe Rustam', an app by Prakash Jha & Team, creating ...

On the launch of app, Prakash Jha said,

“A wide gap still exists for those professionals who are into 9 to 5 jobs and cannot stand in long queues or slog hard for auditions but are extremely talented. Moreover, in smaller towns, young talents strive for a sustainable income, while their talent takes a back seat, because travelling all the way to Mumbai without a career backup is a big deal.

Interestingly, rural India also has such bright talent, who can rise to fame, if given a chance. But sadly, dreams and aspirations often die due to lack of a relevant platform. To bridge this gap and to reimagine a more convenient way of building a platform to display and spot talent, the concept of this app where people can share videos and stand a chance to be noticed by production houses and directors, from the comfort of their homes, was ideated two years back, Providing a stage through an app is a first of its kind initiative in India,”

Being India’s first platform, in Chhupe Rustam users can showcase their talent in singing, dancing and acting. A chance to get the eye of production houses and casting directors.  All this can happen from home.

Amiya Mahapatra, had the idea and concept of this innovative app. It was then presented to Prakash Jha and CEO of PJP Sunil Agrawal.

The development of app took under newly formed startup company M/s PJP Innovation Private Limited. It is in the guidance & supervision of team consisting of Prakash Jha, Sunil Agrawal, Amiya Mahapatra, Mukul Agrawal and Disha Jha.

Chhupe Rustam app is also coming up with acting, singing and dancing contests.

People can upload their videos and the winners of the contest are in a separate ‘Bay’ section.

Talking about the ‘Bay’ section, this section is for the casting directors and production houses and event organizers to spot talent.

Also, the app does not charge anything to the users for sharing their videos.

How to start

To begin with, one has to just register on the app which is absolutely free. There are segments of acting, singing and dancing.

According to your preferences, the trending videos can be browsed. With Talent Bay, audition videos can be seen. It has an easy go menu at the bottom, where users can easily upload the videos and edit their profile.

Also, with a ribbon on the extreme left you can easily access all videos, trending videos and also helps casting agencies to upload their requirements.

The app is now available on both Google Playstore and App store on iOS.

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