This Cheesy Chaat Cone of Surat will tickle your tastebuds!


India has a great variety of delicious curries, roasts and rice items. But there is one Indian food that will always remain special is chaat. It is crispy, tangy, sweet, crunchy, soft all at once. So, a small cart in Surat serves one of the most unique street food items you’ve ever eaten, and that’s the Cheesy Cone Chaat. Curious? Read below!

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Cheese Cone Chaat 

After the Mumbai’s unique Flying Vada Pav and Indore’s Kulfi-Falooda this is another popular street food dish in town, and that’s Surat’s Cheese Cone Chaat. A small cart near Prime Arcade in Surat, Gujarat serves this dish. The filling includes flour cones with a mixture of veggies like corn, onion and tomato. And then slathering it with mayo, spicy and tangy chutneys. This cone chaat has topping of oodles of stringy cheese!

So, a video by Aamchi Mumbai, shows a vendor preparing. The vendor first sprinkles salt on a crispy cone. Then, adds creamy sauce, spreading it evenly with a knife. After that, sprinkling of crispy sev is there on it. And a little bit of chole is put in the cone. The crushed papdi, small onions, corn and tomatoes goes in the come next. The pouring of pop of green, presumably mint chutney is into the cone, followed by a tangy mint chutney and creamy mayo.  A layer of flavoursome chole, papdi, veggies and sauces is added in. The cone chaat is finally topped with oodles of cheese. 

So, head to the stall to have this cheesy chaat cone!

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