These Cheese White Sauce Momos are a treat to tastebuds for sure!

Momos are quite famous in Delhi and Delhiites are famous for loving momos! A hot plate of delicious momos with chutney or mayo is all time favourite. The two most sold are the steamed and fried momos. The crispy momos are soo delectable! Apart from these, many outlets serve other versions of this too. Afgani momos, creamy momos and more. Everyone has different stuffing and some places are famous because of this. So, here is our choice of place for ‘Cheese Loaded White Sauce Momos’ at Momos Point. 

credits: Lbb

Apart from clothing, Kamla Nagar is famous for food too. It is a go to place for all students for some pocket-friendly momos. All the cheese lovers need to try out for sure! The Cheese Loaded White Sauce Momos at the joint are amazing and worth a try for sure. You will surely crave for more with each bite.

So, a big plate of the White Cheese Momos at Momos Point are a treat for tastebuds for sure. Also, it only costs Rs 179, and is worth every penny! Grab a plate and make a dive in cheese!

Location: 47 UA, Block UA, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar
When: 11am to 10:25 pm

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