The Cheese tea at this cafe in Defence colony is worth a try!

Have you ever heard of Cheese tea? Ofcourse, cheese and tea are our favourite too but separately! The Turkey Project serves it! Lets get into the details of this unique tea.


So, the cafe cum bar is located in Defence Colony and serves a great variety of delicious food and drinks. With a unique name, the cafe serves ‘cheese tea‘. The eatery has amazing this that keeps its customers intact. So, the tea might not appeal to everyone, but it is a must try.

The origin of the trend of this tea is in Asian countries like China, Taiwan and Malaysia, and has now reached other parts too. This include India and the US. So, coming to the details of the tea, the tea is essentially a tea that has a topping of foam of milk, cream cheese and whipped cream. The taste and texture is amazingly nice.

To mention, the tea is cold brewed. The Turkey Project serves has three flavours of the tea Рbubblegum, cherry and strawberry. People usually try the bubblegum flavour which you might find similar to the chewing.

So, if the place and tea interests you, head over to the cafe and grab your cup!

Location: Shop D 20, DDA Complex, Opposite Moolchand Hospital, Defence Colony, New Delhi
Time: 12 pm to 12 am

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