Camp amid the mountains and nature in this village in Mukteshwar!

Nothing is more beautiful than a camp under the stars and amid mountains. Sounds like a perfect plan! Check out below!

A camping lodge away in a small village called Sunkiya near Mukteshwar is a beautiful place amid nature. Calmness and peace of mind here is for sure. Also, you will see mountains and apple and peach orchards.

If meditation is your thing, the place is a pure bliss amid the Himalayan peaks. Hushnest x Sunkiya made this small world for those of us who believe in magic.

Hushnest x Sunkiya Mukteshwar

So, One is the ‘Abra‘ and the other known as the ‘Cadabra‘ which is set up in a peach orchard. It is on private farmland at a height of 6,500 ft.

Each of the two has all amenities and gives you a boho vibe. Also, the decoration is with fairy lights, dream catchers macrame, etc. The tents have dim lights, plug-sockets, board games, loads of books, a solar torch, queen-sized beds with top quality beddings, private toilets with a hot and cold shower and more.

Hushnest x Sunkiya Mukteshwar

The nests are spacious enough for accommodation.

If you’re ready for a vacation, head over to Mukteshwar and camp at these beautiful tents!

Price for one night: Rs 2,000

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