Book your stay at Bunkyard hostel if you are solo traveler!


For all the solo travelers those who are looking for a stay place in Udaipur, we have the perfect find for you. The Bunkyard Hostel is miles away from city life and makes it a calm place to stay. This music-themed hostel has the view of lake Pichola in Rajasthan, a perfect dream stay right?

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The vibe of the place is truly colorful and happy. So, you can book a room here starting at ₹500 with a view of lake.

The beautiful rooftop has decorations of chairs and tables. With the gorgeous backdrop of the lake, mountains and palaces, it looks like a painting.

Bunkyard Hostel - Top 10 Tale

As its music-themed hostel, you can enjoy songs from every genre. From flamenco, jazz, to rock and more. The music point makes it a one-of-a-kind hostel experience in the country. While staying here, you can enjoy chai parties and yoga sessions with other travellers. Get ready to sit for jam sessions with travelers companion and listen to new experiences.

Udaipur is a beautiful place with mountains and lakes and ofcose beautiful stays! Bunkyard hostel is surely a perfect spot for solo travelers, so, the next time you visit the place book it now!

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