Netmarble launches BTS Universe for Android and iOS!

The BTS Universe Story mobile game is now available on Android and iOS. It is basically an interactive game which gives fans the chance to choose different adventures for each of the members.

BTS Universe Story - Netmarble
bts netmarble

So, you can download the game on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it is the second game from Netmarble after BTS World. The new one gives more control over the interactive story. Also, players can add dialogues in conversations between the BTS members.

The stories are on the official BTS Universe. Also, you can create your own BTS Universe in the game. So, the BTS Universe Story lets you alter the characters with different outfits. This is a collection mode. Also, there is a seven-day daily check-in event. In this, players can get 30 jewels in the game.

The company has made the game in partnership Big Hit Entertainment. It is the K-Pop group’s company. Before this, BTS World is story-based simulation game. The players have to go through six chapters with 25 levels in total. The progress completes with each state.

So, download the game and experience the second game by the Netmarble. It is surely going to be interesting and interest keeping!

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