Get Instagram Worthy Pictures In Tub Full Of Balls At This Bistro!


We look at all places with a camera in eyes! Pictures for Instagram are the most important thing when we head out. So, if you also looking for a new spot for pictures, then check out this bistro in Lodhi Colony. Nege & Ju has the best backdrops for pictures and ofcose delicious food!

Nege & Ju bistro in Delhi

Having a mix of elements of a European bar & restaurant and that of an Asian bar and restaurant, Nege & Ju has a truly unique menu, which changes from lunch to dinner. The main attraction here is the bathtub outside, the bathroom on the first floor which is full of colorful balls. We are sure that you have already imagined the poses!

Credts: Ayesha Saleem

Now, it’s rather become their ‘photo spot‘ where people always go to take pictures, cause who wouldn’t?

Nege & Ju, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
Credits: Zomato

Coming to the menu, they have dishes like duck pancakesMaki Sushi, Thai Curry bowl and much more. Also, they have a great range of boozy concoctions like The Evening Breakfast, The Geisha, and tweaked a la Nege & Ju.

And you will be glad to know that the menu too is different for lunch and dinner. You can in other way say that there are two different restaurants for day and night!

So, make sure you head here to this bistro on a weekday or weekends with your friends!

Where: 9, Lodhi Colony Market
When: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

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