Checkout the best places in Frazer Town for Ramadan Specials


This is the holy month of Ramadan and with rituals and values comes the iftar. So, if you are from Bangalore, then iftar will remid you of only one place- Frazer Town! The place sees the most activity during Ramadan. Checkout the top places for Ramadan celebrations!

Karama Restaurant

ramadan specials at frazer town restaurants

No one can avoid this place if you go to Frazer Town during Ramadan. Their seekh kebabs, Haleems and everything here is truly flavourful. End you meal with desserts like Rabdi and Firni. Down it with their mocktails or fresh juices or end your meal with a glass of hot Suleimani Tea

Where: Karama Restaurant, 55, Mosque Road, Frazer Town
When: 7 am to 1 am
Price: Rs. 750 for two
Contact: 080 40414141

Chichabas Taj 

ramadan special frazer town

So, it is among the oldest and most renowned restaurants and can order Chicken SticksMutton SamosasSeviya and Hareera. Follow it up with dishes like Chicken HaleemPatthar GoshtPaya and Sallu Ki Butter Chicken before finishing up with Firni or Mango Cream.

Where: Chichabas Taj, 50, MM Road, Frazer Town
When: 12 pm to 11:30 pm
Price: Rs. 500 for two
Contact: 080 41618888


ramadan restaurants frazer town

This place has been around since 1975, and is loved for their rolls and kebabs. So, for Ramadan, they have a special menu that includes Haleem (Alif, chicken and mutton options), samosas in different avatars, kebabs, iftar boxes and so much more. Also, an entire array of Ramadan desserts like QubbaniDouble Ka Meetha and Pineapple Ka Meetha, among others.

Where: Fanoos, 131, MM Road, Frazer Town
When: 12:30 pm to 1 am
Price: Rs. 700 for two
Contact: 9740292049

Albert Bakery 

frazer town ramadan restaurants
Picture Credit: Danish Goltay/Google Images

This is the most iconic and oldest one! Albert Bakery see a lot of crowd the time they open doors every day. But during Ramadan, people wait here for their famous Bheja Puffs. They are super crunchy on the outside and soft inside, these puffs are delicious. Also, try out their Mutton SamosasKhova Naan and cutlets for an iftar feast! 

Where: Albert Bakery, 93, Mosque Road, Frazer Town 
When: 3:30 pm to 9 pm
Price: Rs. 100 for two 
Contact: 9886165349

Sharief Bhai 

ramadan restaurants frazer town

They are best known for their lip-smacking biryanis, and have a few Ramadan specials. Try out their combos (available in Murg and Gosht versions) for an entire tray of meaty delights. Also, they have Haleem by the kilo and an interesting veg Haleem, packing in the goodness of paneer, soya and other seasonal veggies. Yum! 

Where: Sharief Bhai, 10, Ground Floor, Mosque Road, Frazer Town 
When: 12 pm to 1 am
Price: Rs. 500 for two
Contact: 8095752222

So, enjoy your iftar by savoring food from these places!

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