Checkout these best places in Dilli Haat for Momos!


Momos are one of the favorite dishes of almost every Delhiite. Also, we all love heading to Dilli Haat to from our favorite places like the Nagaland House, Sikkim House, and many more.

Checkout the places in Dilli Haat for delicious momos!

Nagaland House

momos of Nagaland house

This place is well known for their Pork and Chicken steamed and fried momos. They are super juicy, thick with loads of meat inside. The quantity is great for two people in one plate.

Also, you must try their Pork Ribs too!

Price: Starts from Rs 150

Momo Mia, Arunachal Pradesh

momos of Arunachal pradesh
Credits: foodienama

So, this place is a hidden gem and many of us don’t know about it. Also, the food here is spectacular. We recommend you to order their Fried Chicken and Veg Momos and Egg Fried Rice.

Price: Starts from Rs 120


momos of Manipur
Credits: feaster_feisty

Order delicious Pork Momos with some veg Thukpa! Also, they have beautiful outdoor seating with lamps and some lights. Seems a perfect date right?

Price: Starts from Rs 150


Credits: dilli_wala_photographer

Try out the Chicken and veg momos, along with a piping hot bowl of soup they serve. They are truly delicious! Also, their chowmein and Hakka fried rice are also quite famous!

Price: Starts from Rs 130

Sikkim House

Credits: the_missingapron

This house in Dilli Haat serves Chicken momos, with phenomenal spicy chilli sauce. You can make an amazing combo by ordering a plate from here and add on a beverage!

Price: Starts from Rs 120

So, make a plan with your momo partners and head over here to gulp in some!

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