Get a hot cup of coffee from ‘Before British Raj Coffee’ Khan Market

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Coffee lovers are always on a hunt to find a new version to coffee. So, here is a new coffee shop in Khan market naming ‘Before British Raj Coffee’ and they have some really amazing vibes.

Peshwa Pomelo – Before British Raj Coffee

Before British Raj Coffee brings you a cup of some blends that should be in your kitchen for sure. They are enthusiastic for coffee and seeing that will give you great joy. Also, they take pride themselves on their knowledge of the many different coffee beans and they have nailed various complex blends of flavours.

BBR Classic Box – Before British Raj Coffee

Talking about their flavors, they have Kuru Cacao blend, Peshwa Pomelo, The Delhi Sultanate and many more freshly brewed coffee. The iced cappuccino is a must try! If you like your coffee to be thick and a bit on sweeter side, then Vietnamese coffee should be on your list.

So, Vietnam’s signature coffees are known for two vital ingredients – beans with complex notes and condensed milk. This coffee is one of the Southeast Asia’s most famous caffeine export. Also, if you want to try BBR’s medium roast blends head here and get yourself a hot cuppa coffee.

Where: Shop 7 – The Deli, Khan Market

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