This bakery in Goa still uses traditional wood fire oven! Check it out!


We don’t know about everyone, but our sweet tooth is totally not stopping for now! Look here, what we brought you today! Located in Fontainhas, this bakery is one of the oldest ones here and in Goa too. Confeitaria 31 de Janeiro will surely make you taste the old authentic Bakery dishes. You will feel and old World Vibe in here.

So, the Bakery has its name after the street it is on. The place serves a great variety of delicacies and also it is easy on pocket. The next time you visit Fontainhas, grab a quick meal from the place and explore.

Bakery GoaAlso, the cafe makes its delicacies in pure authentic ancient manner. It is known for using traditional wood fired oven. It came up in the 1930s and uses recipes through generations.

Bakery GoaTalking about the speciality, their most famous dish is the Swiss Roll has butter-cream frosting and chocolate ganache covering.

Credits: Zomato

Also, try out their date, plum and walnut cakes, freshly baked breads, wine biscuits, quiches, chicken rolls, patties, bebinca and more! It is closed on Sundays.

So, if you plan to pick up somethimg, try doing it morning. Everything here goes off quickly!

Location: Corte De Oiterio, Rua 31 de Janeiro, Fontainhas (quarter), Altinho, Panaji
Time: 8 pm to 8 pm
Contact: 832 222 5791

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